RIOtaso Rainbow Flag - Pansexual

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#RIOtasoRainbow 🌈♻️  Flag: Pansexual

Together let's abolish HATE, PREJUDICE, and FABRIC WASTE! #PrideMonth2021

Within the past 4 years of collecting, saving, and restoring fabric waste came a lot of beautiful colors in various sizes. Back in 2020 the goal was to create a Pride Month Flag which ended up taking me another year to piece together the colors of the rainbow with the tiniest of scraps! Within that year came a lot of research as I wanted to educate myself and represent everyone equally and I discovered that there are more colors to the rainbow! 


Available in 2 sizes: 30x30" and 15x15" 
Each flag takes 3-6 hours to create and turns around 2kg of fabric waste into a new conscious and meaningful piece. 

If you would like a more personalized color combination, kindly send us a DM on Instagram: 

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