Our Story

RIOtaso is a play on the Tagalog term, RETASO, which means scrap fabric, and the creative mind behind it is Rio.

This all started with a clothing line that was on top of its game, which ranged from tops, headwear, outerwear, and much more. After some time, we started seeing the amount of waste that it was producing. With more research, we found out that the fashion industry produces 92-million metric tons of waste a year! That’s roughly 4% of the world’s yearly waste, which is even higher than our toxic e-waste. Ang dami diba? 

So, we stopped and took on a new challenge: to create using the scraps discarded by the fashion industry. In this new process, we not only create pieces we can never “RIOcreate”, we also don’t contribute to the waste because we #RIOpurpose the waste. 

We create each piece with practicality, comfort, style and design in mind. 

From fabric waste to conscious fashion, this is RIOtaso.

Tara na and shop consciously!