Purple Tie Dye Overalls + Bucket Hat

Regular price ₱3,250.00

We wanted to create something that you could easily put on and stay in all day without sacrificing style and comfort. The #RIOtasoOveralls is the perfect throw-on-top piece. And it's got POCKETS!!! This set includes a matching reversible  #RIOtasoBucketHat piece. 

Best fits size S-M

Front Bust: 23" 
Hips: up to 48"
Length: 30"
Straps: 24"
Chest Pocket: 8.5x9"  
Pant Pockets: 6.5x6"

Rio recommends to get a size or 2 bigger for that loose fit!
*very light yellow stain - automatic discount* 

Side 1: Cotton - Denim 
Side 2: Denim 
Colors - White - Purple - Blue - Denim 

From scrap cloth and clay to clothing and jewelry, in collaboration with Anting.ph, your purchase will come with a FREE pair of earrings! 

'Squiggles' earrings in purple scrap clay by Anting.ph 

"Anting symbolizes our love for art and aesthetic. From colorful and ecstatic, to natural and earth-toned. Wherever you go, for every mood and every day, there's an Anting for you." 

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