ICE KENDI CUTIE - green 02

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Rio sorts scraps by color & print and splashes them onto a table where she “paints with fabric scraps” to create the ICE✨KENDI✨TEXTILE✨ 

Body: 6x12x4 
Strap: 4x18 
zipper closure

With our continuous effort to create solely from textile waste that we save and restore comes the problem of these teeny-tiny fabric scraps. After months of staring at bags full of these tiny pieces just growing but never throwing, it took a step back into Rio’s 2018 notebook of doodles! Rio had stuck an empty packet of a local favorite snack, 'Ice Gem Biscuits' and the classic 'Ice Candy' treat. Her notes were ideas on how to incorporate the idea of seeing the tiny sugar biscuits or flavors through the plastic packaging. It’s 2023 and we had saved 3 bags full of mesh, lace, and sheer fabrics through a local bridal stores leftover scraps. After multiple prototypes and sample pieces, the ICE KENDI TEXTILE started to come to life! Mimicking these snacks, you can see the tiniest fabric scraps through different colors of sheer fabrics that make up each unique piece. Yum!

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