Kurtina Ni Mama

Kurtina Ni Mama

6 months ago, a folding bike was delivered to us wrapped in a used curtain.
This discarded curtain had a REALLY groovy print, it was just too damn funky to be thrown away. It was right there and then that I knew it deserved a second life as a jumpsuit.

I started looking at curtains and tablecloths differently. To my delight I found several of my mother’s drapes and mantels stored away in closets and bauls. Sorry, Ma...

While reworking these curtains I recalled how Maria from The Sound Of Music crafted some play clothes for the Von Trapp children and was later reprimanded by The Captain for letting his children run around the streets of Salzburg wearing old drapes. You see, Maria had the right idea; with some love and creativity we can breathe new life into old forgotten fabrics.

Not only did Maria teach the Von Trapps how to let loose and have fun, she also sneaked in a little lesson on sustainability.

With this collection, I want to show that it’s possible to add drapes to your drip!