Textile Tetris Customizable Corner

Textile Tetris Customizable Corner


Welcome to RIOtaso Textile Tetris: Customizable Corner 

Consciously and creatively take control of your wardrobe with us! 

At RIOtaso, we restore and repurpose the current waste of the fashion industry into one of one conscious fashion pieces. With creating slow and sustainable fashion, we think about quality, practicality, comfort, and pockets. :)  

Measurements and additional pockets will be confirmed once payment has been made. 
Your one of one RIOtaso piece will be at your doorstep within 2 weeks. 

RIOmedyo Repair - certain repairs are free, just shoulder the shipping fees. 
RIOwork - want to turn an old RIOtaso piece into something new? We got you covered! 
Reach out for a RIOmedyo Repair or RIOwork any time through email: riotasoclothing@gmail.com or IG DM: @RIOtasoClothing 

Thank you for going online shopping consciously!