Collection No.9

Collection No.9 is an ensemble of what we think patchwork would look like if we took it for a spin on the dance floor and made it fun, sexy, groovy, and inclusive. The goal of this collection is to accomplish as many 'look good' and 'feel good' moments for the future wearers of these pieces.

Collection No. 9 is not only our 9th official collection but it is also inspired by the Patchwork Retaso Gown we created for Candidate #9 for Miss World Philippines 2021, Amber Pascual.

Not only is she representing Manila but she is also a Sustainable Development Goals Ambassador and Environment Advocate, who even during our shoot stopped to pick up trash! Who best to wear a RIOtaso masterpiece right?

After designing this gown for her, I was reminded of my younger sister Justina who would actually bring home her schoolmates' trash to be turned into eco bricks, she would even make her own compost, and plant her own food! She’s 4 years younger than me but her Zero-Waste lifestyle is what inspires me to keep stitching together scrap fabric and turn them into meaningful pieces.

This collection is for Amber and Justina - two of the youthful and powerful voices in the sustainable and Zero-Waste movement. 

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