The First Year of Secret Nudes
Behind strokes and colors, women can be at their most daring without the fear of being slut-shamed or violated. Woman to woman, #SecretNudes by @slothbender is here to turn your nudes (and consent) into art.

This advocacy is now a fully-female collaboration with the ladies of @clasicoapparelmnl and @riotasoclothing, who joined the cause and opened endless possibilities for empowering merch. 🔥

Where it all began for Christa:

Christa turned her nude self-portrait into stickers for a 2018 art bazaar. Upon seeing her image on a friend's corkboard, it hit her that there she was in all her glory — and no one even knew. It was then she realized that a woman can be vulnerable in an artwork without being exposed. That we can be as we are in the flesh, but just made out out of lines. That behind art, a woman can be as bare as she wants to be.

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